Terms and Conditions

Design and mural  painting

Design of the mural is agreed with the Client prior to signing of the contract and before deposit is paid. The approved design is attached to the specification sheet.

Vera Rush Murals will endeavour to paint the mural according to the specified design. Please note that there might be slight variations of colour and final mural painting from the design due to hand painted nature of the artwork, difference in paint used for design and mural artwork, lighting etc.

Discolouring may occur in the future due to exposure to excessive moisture, harsh sunlight or heat.

Any additions or changes to the approved design will incur extra charges.


Small fee, deposit, is required to secure the order and for materials to be purchased. Deposit is a non-refundable.

The amount of the deposit will be deducted from the total price and will be shown on the final invoice upon completion of the service.

Site Readiness

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the site is ready before the start of the Event.

The wall to be painted on should be smooth without grease or dust. We ask the Client to clean the wall with warm soapy water 1-2 days before the start of the event to ensure the paints adhere to the wall and do not peel or flake.

Where furniture needs moving and protecting, the client is requested to ensure this is done before the start of the Event

Completion and final payment

An invoice will be provided to the Client after completion of the Service. Payment of the invoice is required on the same day of receiving of the invoice by e-mail, message or as otherwise agreed.