• Vera Rush

The power of customization

In the last post I talked about how my client appreciated that I can create something bespoke for her rather than her having to settle for something that's good enough in the form of vinyl stickers.

This customer was similar, appreciating my work but from a different point of view. She loved the wisteria mural I painted for the last customer but wasn't sure about it as her business colours are brown and yellow instead of lilac. Moreover, she felt like the other side of the wall would be a bit bare if the tree was coming only from one side.

What she didn't realise is that she doesn't have to go for what I have already done. The photos of my work are for customers' reference and inspiration. If you really like one of my previous work to the point that you would like to have the same then of course, I can do that! But I am more than happy to create something unique for you and/or amend one of my previous artwork to suit your needs!

She was over the moon when I had done a bit of research and found a golden chain tree that looks quite similar to a wisteria but has lovely clusters of yellow flowers. Perfect! I designed them into an arch to fill in the wall. Even better!

The outcome was excellent. Now her consultation room will be decorated with a unique and fully customized wall painting that represents the colours of her business.

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