• Vera Rush

Complete room change-over

I don't get to do this often, it's actually my first complete room change-over.

Normally, when I go paint a mural, the room is freshly decorated by the customer when they are doing up a room for their new baby or have moved house or just simply decided to redecorate.

I painted a mural for my step-son in his room and since the color of the other walls didn't go with the mural, we decided to re-paint them too together with buying new furniture and re-arranging his room. He chose the final colour, he was over the moon with the result. And I have to say so was I.

I am not a qualified painter/decorator so won't be offering redecorating of people's entire rooms but I have to admit I had a lot of fun with this project of mine and loved to see the whole end product!

I do believe there will be more opportunities for me to redecorate other rooms in our house and I can't wait haha.

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