• Vera Rush

Bottled paint!

When you paint your whole room or whole wall with one color, it doesn't really matter how you store the paint. You usually leave it in the original tin, the tiny (or not so tiny lol) splashes are either on the dust sheet (hopefully) or wiped off and everyone knows the tin gets a bit dirty from pouring the paint out of the tin - no big deal.

But what if you are working with lots of colors painting a picture on the wall? I started with the tins only for the first few murals and found it very frustrating especially when you need to pour only a little bit of the paint at a time and the spillage is almost the same. The tins get covered in paint so whenever I would pick them up again my gloves would get all slimy with the paint,

Then I had a brilliant idea one evening holding a bottle of ketch-up at dinner. Wouldn't it be great to have the paint in squeeze bottles and only squeeze out the amount I need with no mess? And so the idea of bottled paint emerged.

After a little research on the right type of plastic bottle, I bought a few to test it out and I instantly fell in love with them. Of course each bottle has a label with the name of the color so I can easily top up when low. Granted it's a bit tedious and messy to get all the newly bought paints transferred into the bottles each time but the end results is so worth it. I love my non-messy, easy handling and accurate army of paint bottles. Bring on the murals, I am ready! :D

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