Tree murals

Tree murals deserve to have their own category as they are quite popular. You can have a tree mural literally anywhere - in nursery/children's rooms, bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms, hallways etc. If you would like a family tree, I can either paint a simple tree or add names of your family members written in calligraphy.

Dining room family tree

The client asked to have a tree "growing out of the dining table". In this case, they decided to hang framed photos of their family members on the wall themselves. Little cherry blossoms were added for extra decoration.

Dining room family tree mural
Cherry blossoms mural
Cherry blossom tree

The below is a detail of a cherry blossom tree from my Indian art mural (for the full mural, please follow this LINK)

Tree branches mural
Wisteria tree mural

Wisteria tree mural creeping along the client's garden room wall. Part of the garden themed mural (follow this link)

Wisteria tree mural
Wisteria tree flowers
Golden chain tree arch mural

While the client loved the wisteria tree above, they wanted to keep the mural in line with their business colours - brown and yellow. After some research, we found a golden chain tree that matched perfectly and the client loved the arch design I created for them.